Child Life Specialists

Jess Murray

Jess Murray has been a Child Life Specialist at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital for five years and has been part of the Hope for Henry team since 2013. Jess pursued a background in psychology after knowing she wanted to be a child life specialist at a young age. As a child, Jess’s sister was in and out of the hospital and as difficult as that was for Jess and her family, her memories are overwhelmingly positive because of the impact wonderful child life specialists they met during that time. Jess believes that the Hope for Henry programs provide an escape from the normally mundane, scary hospital life and allow hospitalized children to be normal kids who do normal kid things, like attend a movie night or trick-or-treat on Halloween.

Kelly Beck

Kelly Beck has been a child life specialist for 5 years where the majority of that time was spent at Children's National Health System and where she was first introduced to Hope for Henry. In the Spring of 2016, Hope for Henry expanded to the Baltimore area and Kelly became the child life specialist for the Lenny "Batman" Robinson Hope for Henry program at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Kelly whole-heartedly believes in the mission of Hope for Henry and feels that it aligns with her personal belief that excellent medical care combined with the power of play and laughter can help kids heal.