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Help Hospitalized Kids Have Happy Birthdays!

Kids love birthdays. Before they even memorize their phone numbers or addresses, kids know the date of their birthday. They plan their party all year long - bowling, laser tag, sleepover - and talk constantly about who to invite. While each kid is unique, one thing is for certain, none of them plans to spend their special day in the hospital without friends, decorations or even a cake. That’s why Hope for Henry hosts over-the-top birthday celebrations for kids with cancer and other serious illnesses.

Join us today. Bring Happy Birthdays to Hospitalized Kids.

Support Hope for Henry’s Birthday Program

  • Donate $250 for a birthday celebration for a hospitalized child
  • Donate a gift card for a birthday gift (amazon, target, iTunes)
  • Donate supplies to fill a birthday-in-a-box, including packaged, matching, themed (e.g. Disney Princess, Elmo, Hello Kitty): plates, cups, napkins, party hats, blowers, 3 room decorations, party favors (wristbands, bubbles, etc)

Sponsor a Hope for Henry Event

For more information, please contact Laurie Strongin at laurie@hopeforhenry.org or call our office at 202.813.3385.