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Duper Kids

Nunu’s Story

Four-year-old Nusayba (“Nunu”) wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of returning to the hospital one year after her liver transplant to undergo a post-transplant liver biopsy, but now that she’s home, she tells her mom Sarah that she misses the hospital. Why? Hope for Henry!

“Hope for Henry makes such a difference,” Sarah says. “They normalize being in the hospital.” So when Nunu needed to be sedated through an IV for her biopsy, it was no surprise that Hope for Henry was there with a plan that “absolutely made a difference” for this little girl. Though Nunu is a tough kid who generally handles the stress of difficult procedures with grace and composure, Hope for Henry’s Super Rewards for Super Kids procedure-based incentive program made getting the IV “so smooth and so exciting for her.” Using the provided stickers and game board as a guide, Hope for Henry Child Life Specialist Liz walked Nunu through every step of the IV placement procedure before it happened. As the procedure was underway, Nunu placed “I Did It” stickers on the game board for each step she completed, and once she was done, she chose an exciting prize from the Super Rewards Fun Cart to honor the successful completion of the IV placement.

“Super Rewards helped Nunu understand what was going on, know in advance exactly what would be happening to her, and feel like she had some control over the process,” reports Sarah. “She even took the completed game board home to show her brother.” This sense of control and pride of accomplishment is just what Super Rewards is intended to provide. Way to go, Nunu!