Super Rewards for Super Kids
Hope for Henry’s Super Rewards for Super Kids is a transformative program, grounded in data and evaluation, that is the culmination of nearly two decades of innovation. It applies principles of behavioral economics to pediatric care.

Hope for Henry’s Super Rewards for Super Kids program incentivizes kids to adhere to intimidating – yet critical – medical procedures. More than 90% of the hospital staff using Super Rewards report robust evidence that the program works.

They cite examples of child after child who no longer relies on sedation to complete necessary medical procedures. They describe patients and families who, thanks to the program’s clear graphics and simple descriptions, understand what to expect before procedures and no longer experience debilitating anticipatory anxiety leading to costly delays and unnecessary trauma.

They convey overall improvement in coping and, with that, improved patient satisfaction.

The program is available for 17 medical procedures including:

Central Line Dressing Change

COVID Testing

CT Scan

CT Simulation


IV Placement / Blood Draw

Lumbar Puncture


NG Tube

PICC Line Placement

Port Access

Proton Therapy

Sedation with IV

Sedation with Mask