I’m Getting a Vaccination Today!
Hope for Henry has created a step-by-step guide to making your vaccination as quick and easy as possible.
Hope for Henry is using its expertise in improving adherence to address the fears and questions kids have as they receive their shots. With clear, simple explanations of each step of the vaccination process and stickers to mark progress, Super Rewards for Vaccinations “gameboards” are placed in the waiting area to give kids (and their guardians) a helpful guide of what to expect and a sense of accomplishment as they complete the process. Medical procedures – especially those involving needles – may cause anxiety for you and your child. To help you navigate the vaccination process, Hope for Henry has developed a suite of tools, including Super Rewards for Vaccinations; a series of videos for caregivers, kids, and healthcare providers; and a one page tip sheet to prepare before, during, and after your child’s vaccination.

Hope for Henry’s Vaccination Gameboard