Hope for Henry Expands Innovative Pediatric Care Program to the National Institute of Health

Washington, D.C. – The Hope for Henry Foundation announced today it will be launching its Super Path to Super Duper Better program atThe Children’s Inn at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland.

“Hope for Henry is pleased to make its debut at NIH, where the Psychosocial team will use the Super Path program as part of the support they provide patients, ” said Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry Founder and CEO. The programming kicked off with an introductory event at The Inn featuring toys donated by Paramount and The Toy Foundation.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hope for Henry,” said Kristin Arabian, The Inn’s Family Programming Operations Manager. “The work they have been doing for more than 20 years to improve the lives of children dealing with rare and serious diseases has been incredible, and makes Hope for Henry a natural partner for us at The Inn.”

Super Path to Super Duper Better is a groundbreaking pediatric patient incentive program that improves coping skills and medical outcomes for kids whose serious, chronic illnesses require lengthy hospitalizations and invasive treatment.

As the kids accomplish their medical challenges, Hope for Henry rewards them with Hope for Henry Bucks, which they earn and exchange for gifts like the opportunity to meet their favorite athlete or attend exclusive concerts, or for the latest Jordans, Barbies, and Lego sets – whatever will motivate them to do what they need to do to get better.

About the Program

Since 2003, Hope for Henry’s scientifically tested program has helped more than 120,000 hospitalized kids confront the challenges of serious illness, adhere to their medical plans, and thrive. Driven by experienced medical professionals and backed by data and research, Hope for Henry has produced extraordinary results for the nation’s youngest and sickest patients. From creating “roadmaps” to guide patients as they navigate complex medical procedures, to designing effective patient incentive programs, to convening experts to reimagine how hospitals care for sick kids, to training the frontline staff who coach patients through difficult procedures, Hope for Henry’s adherence to data, commitment to partnership, and entrepreneurial spirit have significantly advanced pediatric care.

Improvements in adherence to medical protocols are associated with enhanced clinical outcomes for chronically ill patients, enriched patient experience, and reduced costs to healthcare systems. Incentive programs like Super Path to Super Duper Better and Super Rewards for Super Kids have generated remarkable positive outcomes for pediatric patients. Hospital staff has observed significant improvements in anxiety, coping skills, adherence to treatment plans, and overall healthcare experiences.

Analysis of data from more than 4,000 Super Rewards for Super Kids users reveals the following impacts:

  • 72% decrease in sedation use
  • 90% boost in patient adherence
  • 85% decline in anxiety
  • 88% enhancement in coping skills
  • 98% elevation in overall patient experience


These compelling results demonstrate the effectiveness of Hope for Henry’s incentive-based programming on patients. Furthermore, hospitals, insurance companies, and other stakeholders reap the rewards of greater efficiencies, improved resource allocation, and cost savings, among other benefits, by implementing the program. The substantial positive impact on patients and stakeholders alike is driving demand for Hope for Henry’s program from hospitals and healthcare clinics nationwide.

Super Path makes critical procedures for our most vulnerable patients more efficient, reducing risks and costs. Although adults have long received rewards for healthcare adherence, Hope for Henry is the first to apply behavioral economics to minimize children’s distress and enhance medical compliance. By continuously consulting with child life specialists, parents, and patients, Hope for Henry ensures their voices are heard, not only in the development of the program but in hospitals everywhere, so kids have a sense of control and positive engagement in their care and well-being.

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About Hope for Henry
Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for children and their families through innovative, scientifically tested programs that help hospitalized kids confront the challenges of serious illness, adhere to their medical plans, and thrive. Founded in 2003 and led by social innovator, patient advocate, and author Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry has served more than 120,000 children in hospitals around the country.

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About The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health
The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a nonprofit that provides residential services and a wide range of programs free of charge to children, teens, and young adults with rare and serious diseases whose best hope for a diagnosis or treatment is an NIH clinical research study. For more information please visit childrensinn.org.


Jack Goldberg, Hope for Henry, 202.813.3385, jack.goldberg@hopeforhenry.org

Sam Angell, The Children’s Inn, 267.226.9309, angellsae@nih.gov


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