Hope for Henry Foundation Serves 100,000 Patients, Marks 20 Years Since Namesake’s Passing

WASHINGTON, DC – October 25 – The Hope for Henry Foundation, a leader in pediatric patient experience programming, announced that it has served 100,000 patients across its many programs. This milestone comes in the same year the organization is marking 20 years since the death of its inspiration and namesake, Henry Strongin Goldberg.

“When we started Hope for Henry, we knew we wanted to help children and families who were experiencing some of the same things we had with Henry,” said Laurie Strongin, CEO and Founder of Hope for Henry and Henry’s mother. “We are so proud of how much Hope for Henry has grown and continues to grow every day, from giving children moments of joy in their hospital stays to giving them tools to adhere to their treatment plans so they can heal and thrive. It’s incredible to think how one seven-year-old has touched the lives of so many people: not just the 100,000 kids who have benefitted from Hope for Henry’s programs, but their families and friends, their doctors and nurses, their child life specialists, and so many others.”

In the 20 years since Henry’s death, Hope for Henry has grown from a local DC-area organization to being in nearly three dozen hospitals across the country. Hope for Henry has improved children and families’ hospital experiences with parties, room customizations, and athlete meet-and-greets, and has introduced groundbreaking incentive programs like Super Rewards for Super Kids, that give kids detailed, easy to understand information about the medical procedures they are facing so they will feel more prepared for and in control of their treatment. Frontline staff report that thanks to Super Rewards, more than 70% of the patients scheduled for sedation before an MRI no longer need to be sedated – a significant outcome, as sedation carries safety risks for patients and increased costs for healthcare systems. More than 95% of the hospital staff using Super Rewards report robust evidence that the program improves the overall pediatric patient experience. This past year, Hope for Henry expanded the Super Rewards Program to include vaccinations – its first out-patient program – and partnered with Giant Pharmacy to bring the program to over 100 pharmacies across DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

For more information about the Hope for Henry Foundation, visit hopeforhenry.org.

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About Hope for Henry

Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for children and their families through innovative, scientifically tested programs that help hospitalized kids confront the challenges of serious illness, adhere to their medical plans, and thrive. Founded in 2003 and led by social innovator, patient advocate, and author Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry has served 100,000 of the sickest children in hospitals around the country.


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