Hospital Parties

Hope for Henry has been making kids smile since 2003. We’ve hosted birthday parties for thousands of patients, dozens of Superhero Celebrations, Halloween Parties, Concerts, Athlete and Author visits, Pamper Parties and more.

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Hope for Henry Birthday Parties


Kids love birthdays. Before they memorize even their phone numbers or addresses, kids know the date of their birthday. They plan their parties – bowling, laser tag, dress up, sleepover – all year long and talk constantly about who to invite.

While each kid is unique, one thing is for certain, none of them plans to spend their special day in the hospital without friends, decorations or even a cake.

That’s why Hope for Henry launched “It’s Your Birthday!” To date, we’ve hosted more than 1,900 birthdays for hospitalized children.

Hope for Henry’s birthday program ensures that these kids never face the prospect of a cheerless birthday. Hope for Henry and its hospital partners are prepared to throw a party on a moment’s notice by pre-selecting the most popular birthday themes – like Batman, Disney princesses, sports, Paw Patrol – and having everything needed to throw a fun, colorful, surprise-filled party in the hospital, bringing fun and laughter on one of the most special days of the year.

Hope for Henry Superhero Extravaganzas

Kids love superheroes. Hope for Henry Superhero Extravaganzas feature everything superhero including: visits from live superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman; onsite photo booths so kids can take pictures with their favorite superheroes or villains; caricaturists who draw pictures of the kids as superheroes; superhero costumes, masks, capes and related accessories; superhero action figures and play sets; superhero t-shirts, comic books, stickers, temporary tattoos; and other fun gifts.

Hope for Henry Halloween Parties


Hope for Henry Halloween Parties give hospitalized kids a chance to celebrate one of their favorite holidays by giving them brand new costumes so they can trick or treat and participate in parades throughout the hospitals. Hundreds of princesses, witches and superheroes fill hospital corridors with cheer while collecting candy and toys, and for those too ill to leave their hospital rooms, Hope for Henry delivers gift bags and Halloween cheer.

Hope for Henry Reads

Hope for Henry Reads transports young readers into a world filled with adventure and surprise. Throughout the year, children’s book authors and illustrators visit hospital clinics to share award-winning stories and capture imagination.

Hope for Henry SuperGirl SuperFun Pamper Parties

Medications often bring side effects that make kids feel crummy and change the way they look. At each Hope for Henry SuperGirl SuperFun Pamper Party, top-notch makeup artists treat the girls to makeovers. The girls get their nails done. They accessorize. They have portrait sessions by professional photographers. They feel and look as beautiful as they are.

Hope for Henry Athlete Visits

At Hope for Henry we understand first-hand the unique and therapeutic place that professional athletes have in the hearts of our kids. Partner hospitals trust Hope for Henry to ‘super-size’ any visit by a star athlete, including signed memorabilia, caps, and jerseys.

Hope for Henry Rocks

Music provides a magical escape from the nonstop drone of IV pumps and other unpleasant sounds of life in the hospital. That – and because kids, like many people – love the outlet that music and musicians provide, is why Hope for Henry Rocks hosts popular musical acts like Cody Simpson, Laurie Berkner, Diplo, R.City, and Dan Zanes, to name a few. These events are among the kids’ and families’ favorites.

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