Lenny Robinson – Hope for Henry Foundation

Introducing the Lenny “Batman” Robinson Hope for Henry Program at Sinai Hospital

Anyone who knew Lenny “Batman” Robinson knew they were in the presence of a superhero. Lenny was dedicated to making life better for sick kids at hospitals in his hometown of Baltimore and across the country. He understood that while every kid likes to imagine what it would be like to have superpowers like being able to fly through the air, be incredibly strong, or run really fast — some kids need visits from their heroes to help them heal.

Lenny’s tragic death in 2015 left a hole in the lives of everyone who knew him. It also left Sinai Hospital’s kids without their hometown hero. That’s why Lenny’s family and friends and Hope for Henry – an organization that Lenny had partnered with for many years — joined together to bring the Lenny “Batman” Robinson Hope for Henry Program to Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. 

7,236 Kids.

That is the number of kids who have been served through the Lenny “Batman” Robinson Hope for Henry Program’s first year at Sinai Hospital. During that time, we have hosted Superhero Extravaganzas; visits from Superbowl MVP Ray Lewis; SuperGirl SuperFun Pamper Parties; readings and book signings by acclaimed authors; cupcake decorating parties by Baltimore’s “Cake Wars’“ victor Jason Hisley; and movie premieres compliments of the new hospital entertainment center donated by Dantech and Friends of Batman.

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