Meet Henry

On October 25, 1995, Henry Strongin Goldberg was born. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a disease that threatened to take his life. His ear-to-ear smile and joyous laughter were far more noticeable than his many surgical scars and low-platelet-related bruises.

Henry suffered plenty of setbacks and spent countless nights in the hospital fighting against whatever Fanconi anemia would throw his way.

Still, when it looked like the disease was too tough of an opponent, Henry would rise and get back to the life he chose to lead.

Despite Henry’s shining spirit, his family’s determination, and the dozens of medical professionals who worked tirelessly to heal him, on December 11, 2002, the unimaginable happened: Henry died.

In trying to save Henry’s life, his parents, Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg, spent hundreds of nights in hospitals. High-quality medical care treated Henry, the Patient, but the needs of Henry the Kid went unmet. Laurie and Allen found that the chance to have a birthday party in the hospital, trick-or-treat in the hospital corridors, or meet his favorite superheroes brought normalcy to Henry’s life and motivated him to get better. Everything they learned about the importance of optimism and play in the lives of seriously ill children inspired them to found Hope for Henry in 2003.

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