Our Heroes
The impact is clear, Hope for Henry reduces the need for sedation, improves adherence and coping and reduces anxiety. Listen to what our heroes have to say.
Kylie, a nine-year-old girl in remission from cancer of the soft tissue, is all too familiar with IV placements, MRIs, and CT scans. But she gets nervous every time. “She’s one of the strongest kids I know,” says Kylie’s mom, Jennifer, “but she still gets anxious no matter how many times she has a scan done.”

However, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Child Life Specialist Selena introduced Kylie to Hope for Henry’s Super Rewards for Super Kids at her most recent scan. Together, Kylie and Selena filled her gameboard with stickers showing every step Kylie would have to experience during her scan.

That process helped Kylie feel so much more relaxed that she even FaceTimed a friend to show her the process of getting the IV placed! “Kylie loved it!” recalls Jennifer. “She completed the game board, brought it home, and proudly showed her sister.” She also picked out a Super Reward —a pink Instax camera, now Kylie’s prized possession. When Jennifer asked Kylie if she’d want to use Super Rewards for her next scan, Kylie’s answer was a resounding yes!
Some people are given lemons by life and decide to make lemonade. When Rhiannon Perry, now 19, was given lemons, she decided to make an elegant Tarte au Citron instead.

Sickle cell anemia and lupus can each be devastating conditions to live with. Nearly a decade ago, Rhiannon was one of only three people in the US who had to take on both simultaneously. Dealing with these conditions at DC’s Children’s National could have been gloomy, dreary, and sad, but Rhiannon had Hope for Henry by her side to help her.

Rhiannon loved earning Hope for Henry Bucks for each tough medical procedure and the opportunity to create a Hope for Henry x Dormify “Room of Her Own” in the style of her favorite city, Paris. In her own words, HFH made it “easy and fun” up to the end when she cashed in her hard-earned Bucks for a computer and the promise of a trip to Paris.

This summer, thanks to Hope for Henry and our partner, The Invisible Hand, Rhiannon finally visited Paris with her family. She says the Eiffel Tower is “trés chic!”