Program Overview – Hope for Henry Foundation

Hope for Henry Program Overview

Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for seriously ill children and their families through innovative programs that entertain, reduce stress, and empower children to be active participants in their own care.

Hope for Henry’s year-round program has three primary components:

  • Embedded Full-time Child Life Specialists.

    Child Life Specialists provide therapeutic activities and psychosocial and developmental support to help patients and families to cope with stress and anxiety associated with health care experiences.

  • Gifts and Entertaining Distractions.

    A diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening illness brings with it a significant disruption to a child’s day-to-day life. School, sports, summer camp, and other activities are replaced by long, isolating hospitalizations and painful medical procedures that are a necessity on the road to recovery. To address fear and loneliness and the monotony of the hospital stay, we offer gifts and entertaining distractions like iPads, sound machines, room decorations, board games, music and books while kids fight to get better.

  • Special Events Throughout the Year.

    Young patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation have compromised immune systems that prevent them from being around other children. They miss out on too many “normal” childhood experiences. That’s why every week throughout the year, we host events to ensure that the kids experience wonder, even while in the hospital. We host special events for patients and their siblings, including Halloween parties, superhero celebrations, birthday parties, book parties, movie days, spa parties, visits from professional athletes, and more.