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Hope for Henry’s Super Path to Super Duper BetterTM

An Innovative Pediatric Patient Incentive Program.

Advances in medical science are now saving more sick children than ever before—but how we care for hospitalized children has not evolved at same pace. Experts recognize that caring for the whole child is critical to reducing the anxiety, sadness and isolation that accompany lengthy hospital stays and painful medical treatments.

Hope for Henry is a pioneer in incentivizing young patients to comply with uncomfortable or painful medical interventions that are critical to recovery, including:

  • Radiation Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Needle Sticks
  • Taking Unpleasant Medicines

Hope for Henry’s innovative Super Path to Super Duper Better rewards kids with Hope for Henry BucksTM which can be exchanged for gifts such as iPads, Legos, spa days, and even little stuffed bunnies. Patients receive a bright, cheerful Hope for Henry “Super Path” game board, on which they place colorful, removable stickers showing superheroes performing the challenges faced by the kids. The child determines the Hope for Henry Bucks compensation level for each challenge, based on the amount of courage required to overcome it.

Since 2013, hundreds of patients have participated in the program. All report being better motivated to take their medicine, and their parents report that their kids are happy. Their nurses and doctors routinely observe that these patients are more active participants in their own care and demonstrate increased motivation to comply with their medical directives. Hope for Henry has partnered with pre-eminent child life researcher Judy Rollins to study the impact of the program on patients at Children’s National and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Three Super Duper Kids


A student at the University of Michigan, had to leave school for a bone-marrow transplant. Earning Hope for Henry bucks for challenges like rinsing his mouth to prevent infection kept him motivated to stay on schedule with his personal care. Marco exchanged his Hope for Henry bucks to attend a National’s bating practice and front row seats to the game.


One thousand Hope for Henry Bucks—that’s how much Charlotte, a teenager battling leukemia, accepted in exchange for the loss of her beautiful long hair. She missed her hair, but she has achieved her goal: One Direction concert tickets and back stage passes.


Eight-year-old Santana resisted taking terrible tasting meds for his Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Hope for Henry Bucks changed his mind. With his earnings, he bought a Washington Redskins RGIII FatHead to decorate his hospital room wall, a Philadelphia Eagles water bottle for his brother—and a bottle of bright-red nail polish for his mom who was by his side for months upon months.

Partner with Us

As evidence mounts for the program’s effectiveness and scalability, Hope for Henry is seeking to partner with hospitals, technology developers, and media companies around the country. It’s a simple idea that could revolutionize medical treatment for very sick children—by giving them more control of their care. For more information contact us: or call 202.813.3385.